[Tips] How to take care of your GPS device

Nowadays, GPS is a helpful device to do simple navigation or mapping. But, sometimes user is not careful enough when they use it so their GPS device can be easily broken. OSM-Id has several tips to take care your GPS device. Here we go:

1. Your GPS is NOT waterproof!

You think your GPS won’t have any problem if you use it under the rain because it looks sturdy with the rubber on the device. But, most of the gPS devices on the market are NOT waterproof. If so, there is a time where the waterproof system might be reduced as time goes by. You need to know that the rubber on most GPS body (including flap rubber that protect mini-USB port), only help to improve your grip and hold small particles of dust and water (especially sweat from your hands).

2. The mini-USB port need to be closed all time when you’re in the field!

This min-USB port is very vital! You can’t transfer or connect your GPS device with your computer if this port has trouble. So, you have to make sure this port is protected especially during usage in the field to avoid dust and water particle to prevent corrosion. Do NOT open the port for unnecessary thing!

3. Do NOT mix usage battery with new battery!

For power source, do NOT mix old battery with the new one. Because it can disturb electricity current that will affect your GPS device.





4. Do NOT mix the batteries!

There are several kind of batteries on the market:

a. Carbon, cheap and easy to get.

b. Alkaline, a bit expensive. This is the standard battery for GPS

c. Rechargeable battery (NiMH or Li-Ion), expensive but you can save the environment 🙂

Never mix them! For example, you put a carbon battery then an alkaline battery for your GPS. Because the chemical reaction is different and it can cause leaking on the batteries. The chemical from the batteries can damage your device.

5. Remove the batteries when the GPS is not used!

This will prevent any chemical leaking from the batteries especially when the device won’t be used for long time. Remember! Any kind of electronic device will broken if exposed by chemical ingredients from the battery.

6. Save your GPS in dry place!

Humidity is the main enemy for every electronic devices including your GPS. Humidity can make the corrosion process faster to your device. Using dry box to store your GPS is recommended.



Dry Box – https://www.flickr.com/photos/bearnet


7. Use additional case.

There is nothing wrong to add additional protection such ase carrying case. You also can try to add screen guard.


Garmin Carrying Case (Amazon.com)




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