State of the Map Taiwan 2015

In the mid of last month, exatcly on 18-19 September 2015, HOT Indonesia had the opportunity to participate in the State of the Map 2015 Taiwan (TW SotM 2015). This event is located in the campus of Academia Sinica in Taipei City, Taiwan, precisely at Humanities and Social Science Building and the Institute of Information Science. This is the second time that Taiwan’s OSM community held SotM in Taiwan, SotM previously hosted in 2013 but were combined with another conference. This TW SotM event wanted to create an environment and a place to discuss developments in geospatial information technology, innovation and research that is using OSM. The participants came from various backgrounds such as students, programmers, civil servants and journalists.

The event was attended by people who have a lot of experience in emergency response by using OSM, including Kate Chapman (Chairman of the Foundation OSM), Heather Leson (President of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) and Jen Ziemke (Founder and Director of the International Network of Crisis Mappers) as the main speaker.

On the first day (18/9), before the event started, all speakers and participants had to register to get nametags and t-shirts. Then the show opened with a speech from the committee and continued to the first presentation hosted by Kate Chapman. She shared her experiences with the Foundation OSM (OpenStreetMap Foundation/OSMF). OSMF is a foundation that supports projects from OSM communities by providing basic legal and technical infrastructure.

sotmtw15 - opening(above) Registration, (bottom) The first presentation by Kate. [Source **]

The next session of presentation was divided into two rooms. Each session had different themes. HOT Indonesia had the opportunity to share the use of OSM for preparedness data and about Indonesia’s OSM community in the Asian OSM Community session. In this session, there were also speakers from Nepal and Japan. Nama Budhatoki, from Nepal, shared about the start of Kathmandu Living Labs and continue to try to generate and provide important information that is georeferenced to the response and also help the institutions during the earthquake in Nepal. Then there were two speakers from Japan, Minami Atara, presented the Wheelmap project cooperated with Hokkaido University while Taichi Furuhashi presented the Crisis Mapping in Japan. CrisisMappers Japan requested international organizations, such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and Google to support their activities.

sotmtw15 - asian communityAsian OSM Community Session. [Source **]

In addition to the Asian OSM Community session, there were also sessions called OSM Tiles and Technology, Satellite Imagery and Disaster Aid, Community Collaboration, Disaster Assistance and Data Open Government, and Geovisualization mostly delivered by local speakers (Taiwan). Then the activities of the first day closed with the presentation of the President HOT, Heather Leson. Heather shared some insights about communities in the future by HOT and OSM, what can we do to support the map as a container that lets anyone can join and build community together.

sotmtw15 - other session

On the second day (19/9), the event filled with activities that were more diverse, including presentations, Hackathon, OSM workshops, and panel discussions.

One of the interesting sessions were OSM in education. This session was filled by lecturers from universities in Taiwan, they shared how to incorporate OSM in the field of education including the use of FieldPapers in the field survey for students and integrating OSM into a field survey for high school.

Sesi OSM dalam pendidikanOSM session in education. [Source **]

Another interesting session was about OSM community in Taiwan. Since 2012, OSM community in Taiwan already have a lot of activities such as mapping party, meetup, webinars and seminars / workshops. Shi-Xun Hong, one of the permanent members of the OSM community of Taiwan shared their mapping effort of bus map in Tainan (Taiwan). Here is the link: Online Bus Map in Tainan.

SotM TW 2015 had successfully become a forum for OSM community to come together and share experiences using OSM in a variety of projects. It’s very gratifying to acknowlegde OSM communities’ activities from various countries in Asia.

sotmtw15 - day 2The second day of activities. [Source **]

** Source photos: Documentation committee of SotM Taiwan 2015

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