QGIS and InaSAFE at The National Development University, Yogyakarta

HOT Indonesia once again come to the city of Yogyakarta, specifically in the National Development University (UPN) “Veteran”. On this occasion, we have QGIS and InaSAFE training which is a series of HOT Indonesia University Roadshow and follow up activity after OpenStreetMap training on 26 to 28 January 2016 at the same place. The purpose of this training  to teach use of QGIS in context of the Geospatial Information and InaSAFE in context of disaster management for students and academics in Yogyakarta.

At the end, we can established a local community for OpenStreetMap, QGIS and InaSAFE around Yogyakarta, particullary coming from the academis to help disaster management and Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) in their respective regions either as a data collector or data analyst.

Taking training location at UPN does not mean that all participants only come from there. Accordance with the purpose to form a local community in Yogyakarta, the participants of this training comes from all around Yogyakarta. According to the attendance list, the participants of this training came from several departments and universities.  Number of participants were 12 people which consisted of eight students and four lecturers. From eight students who participate in this training 6  students from Geology Engineering  and 2 students from Environmental Engineering. All of those students come from  UPN.  For lecturers,  one lecturer from Geology Engineering UPN and the others come from  Faculty of Geography of Gadjah Mada University.

The training materials which taughted in this training were InaSAFE and QGIS concept in the context of geospatial information and disaster management. Details of the material provided at this training consists of :

  1. QGIS and InaSAFE concept for Geospatial Infromation and Disaster Management
  2. QGIS Basics
  3. Vector Data Processing
  4. Raster Data Processing
  5. Simbology and Labelling
  6. InaSAFE Introduction and Practical Session
  7. Vector Data Analysis
  8. Map Composer
foto upn 1

QGIS and InaSAFE Training activities in The National Development University, Yogyakarta

in this training the participants have been accustomed for using GIS in their daily activities so some of materials which being taughted already understood by the participants. However, almost all the participants rarely use QGIS to use of their spatial data. Especially for InaSAFE, this tool is a new thing for them, particullary in  context of disaster management so that they can interested to know more about how to use InaSAFE.

foto upn 2

One of participant present about his volcano hazard impact result using InaSAFE

In general, this training went well. The participants look quite serious in following each training session. Moreover, at the end of training some of the participants were given  unique gift for their achievements during this training. The more spirit for sure! Hopefully this training could continue until the final stage and all participants keep following all stages of this event.

Harry Mahardhika
Harry Mahardhika
Anggota Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia. Geografi Universitas Indonesia angkatan 2009.

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