Training and Exposure Mapping in South Sulawesi

Training and exposure mapping activity held on May 5th-10th 2015, is continue activity to complete building and road to used exposure data the impact risk assessment in South Sulawesi. There are 18 participants that attend the training and workshop from BPBD South Sulawesi, BMKG, Social Department, COMMIT, Indonesia Red Cross, and student from roadshow university (Hasanuddin University, Makassar State University, and 45 Makassar University).

Training lasted for two days to learn about OpenStreetMap for exposure mapping in South Sulawesi. The material training for participants consists of : (1) Introduction OSM, (2) Working with OSM, (3) Working with JOSM, (4) GPS and Fieldpapers, (5) Tasking Manager, (6) Quality Assurance, and (7) Getting OSM Data.

After training, continue activities are exposure mapping with the aims to map the buildings and roads and to update field data that will be used for disaster risk assessments. This activities held for 3 days, all the participants divided by 4 groups. Each groups have tasks for mapping in 3-4 district. The map location consists of 17 district in around Jeneberang watershed.

wilayah survei

Mapping area in Jeneberang Watershed

Methodology and implementation of field survey techniques that the participants were divided into 4 groups, where each group there are two tasks, namely digitizer and surveyors. Each groups consists of 2-3 person as digitizer and 2 person as surveyor. The schema about division tasks of participants for exposure mapping as below:


The schema methodology for Exposure Mapping.

  1. The surveyor carry out GPS and Field Papers to mark building and road in field survey. Also bring survey form to entry data building.
  2. The digitizer doing map the study area by using tasking manager and entry data provided by a team of surveyors.




The digitizer have tasks for map using tasking manager and entry the result field survey data from team surveyors. Tasking manager have been created before the activity disaster risk assessment, there are 3 tasking manager to be prepared for mapping in South Sulawesi in accordance with the priority areas are Jeneberang Watershed, Danau Tempe, and Luwu. The previous activity, the tasking manager assisted by 45 students from some university in Makassar City. They help to map building and road using tasking manager.


The result mapping of Jeneberang watershed from Tasking Manager

Activities for three days, conducted at Pusdalop BPBD South Sulawesi, participants were assigned as digitizer settled in basecamp to map the tasking manager and wait for the update data from a team of surveyors. Surveyor team every morning take the survey equipment and carry out field survey, then they provide an update of data from the field to the team digitizer in the evening.

The results of mapping during three days showed by the table below, the number of buildings has increased after mapping into buildings is 317.057. The participants were very enthusiastic to do the mapping so that mapping can run well.

tabel hasil en

OSM Data Statistic



Exposure Mapping Activities


The next activity from stages disaster risk assessment in South Sulawesi is Workshop II. The article about it can read in The second Workshop of Disaster Risk Assessment in South Sulawesi.

Dewi Sulistioningrum
Dewi Sulistioningrum
I graduated from Geography Department at the University of Indonesia. I like mapping, travelling and watching movies. I am very eager to join as Trainer of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia.

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