Thursday February 11th, 2016

Mapillary – Create your own street view

For those of you who likes photography, especially taking pictures in street view or of public infrastructure, and uploading or even just storing those pictures. There’s […]
Thursday August 20th, 2015

Count The Number of Mapped Buildings in Indonesia

How do we count how many buildings mapped in Indonesia? On OpenStreetMap (OSM) it is fairly easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes […]
Wednesday March 18th, 2015

Define Route in OpenStreeMap Website

Route Direction from a location to other location is one of main feature that we can find in most of web digital map application. We have […]
Thursday January 8th, 2015

Navigate using OsmAnd

As we know that OpenStreetMap is a free and open world map. There are a lot of communities all over the world develop their application or […]