Thursday April 14th, 2016

Town Watching for Disaster Management

Walking around? Everyone loves it! Walking around while helping disaster relief? Let’s town watching… ! Last March, on 22-23th of March, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia was invited Indonesia Disaster Resilient […]
Monday April 11th, 2016

Ambon Mapathon Mapping Competition Announcement

  In 5-7 April 2016 we held mapping competition for Ambon Mapathon Event. This competition attended by 21 participant from various division in BNPB. We find the […]
Friday March 11th, 2016

QGIS and InaSAFE at The National Development University, Yogyakarta

HOT Indonesia once again come to the city of Yogyakarta, specifically in the National Development University (UPN) “Veteran”. On this occasion, we have QGIS and InaSAFE […]
Thursday March 3rd, 2016

Creating Map with OSM Data Training

Creating Map Training activities for local partners in East Kalimantan created as a form of follow-up of the Project Mapping and Transparency Kalimantan. The training aims to […]
Wednesday March 2nd, 2016
Staff of Operation Control Centre (Pusdalops) BPBD DKI Jakarta attended a training "The Use of OSM - QGIS - InaSAFE for Flood Response" in Disaster Managemet Innovation (DM Innovation) office

Siaga Banjir, Pusdalops BPBD DKI Tingkatkan Kapasitas SDM

For most people in Jakarta, probably January is one of the busiest month, because in the next 3 months, flooding usually comes. Not only the communities are so busy […]
Tuesday March 1st, 2016

Participatory Village Mapping in Karawang

On February 1-2 and 9-11, 2016, HOT, in cooperation with ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency), did a mapping activity in Karawang. The four villages that […]
Wednesday February 17th, 2016

InaSAFE for Contingency Planning

After teaching InaSAFE for  Risk Assesment to National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) in last December 2015,  Disaster Management Innovation (DMI) helped by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) […]
Thursday February 11th, 2016

Mapillary – Create your own street view

For those of you who likes photography, especially taking pictures in street view or of public infrastructure, and uploading or even just storing those pictures. There’s […]
Thursday January 21st, 2016
Gambar 4. MURIA Expo

MURIA – Building Resilient Urban Communities

What is MURIA? MURIA or Marunda Urban Resilience in Action is a project that aims to increase the capacity of the people who live in the cities – especially […]
Tuesday January 5th, 2016

OSM QGIS and InaSAFE Training in InaDRTG

In 16-18 December 2015, HOT and DMI (Disaster Management Innovation) held training in InaDRTG. This training was held by Deputy of Prevention and Preparedness division of […]