What is InaSAFE?

InaSAFE is free software that produces realistic natural hazard impact scenarios for better planning, preparedness and response activities. It provides a simple but rigorous way to combine data from scientists, local governments and communities to provide insights into the likely impacts of future disaster events.

InaSAFE is free software that was developed jointly by Indonesia (BNPB), Australia (Australian Government) and the World Bank (GFDRR).

InaSAFE is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) project, published under the GPL V3 license. As such you may freely download, share and (if you like) modify the software.

Install and Use InaSAFE

InaSAFE is a plugin for QGIS. QGIS (and InaSAFE) works on OSX, Windows and Linux. You can download QGIS for free at download.qgis.org

Once you have QGIS installed, you can install and get used to InaSAFE in 8 easy steps! Open a recent version of QGIS and do:

  1. Plugins -> Fetch Python Plugins
  2. Type InaSAFE in the Filter box.
  3. Tick the box next to the InaSAFE plugin.
  4. Click the Install/upgrade plugin button.
  5. Close the plugin manager and InaSAFE should be installed and ready to use.
  6. Watch the introduction movie to learn your first steps into InaSAFE here.
  7. Follow the training courses provided in the Socialisation section.
  8. Download any testdata you need fromhttp://data.inasafe.org

Ready to use InaSAFE? You may download QGIS here: download.qgis.org and explore more about InaSAFE here: http://inasafe.org.

You can also follow regular updates about InaSAFE by liking the following facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/inasafe


P.s.: the above text is taken from http://inasafe.org.