A Story from State of the Map US 2015

The application of OpenStreetMap with Open Source based in various sectors these days are continued to develop, especially in technology and mapping software all over the world. This fact brings OpenStreetMap community to hold State of the Map, an annual OpenStreetMap conference. State of the Map (SotM) are held by OpenStreetMap Foundation since 2007, while the first SotM by OpenStreetMap US were held in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.


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This year’s State of the Map, SotM US 2015, was held in New York City on June 6-8, 2015, by OpenStreetMap US. This conference united all OpenStreetMap users, both advanced and amateur users, and anybody who were interested in OpenStreetMap. In this conference, all communities from all around the world met to share experiences, stories, and information about mapping technology with OpenStreetMap based.

SotM 2015 is OpenStreetMap’s biggest event with 834 participants from 41 different countries, and one of HOT Indonesia’s members had the opportunity to attend. State of the Map were held for three days, with talk show in United Nations Headquarters by 86 speakers in the first two days, and various workshops, hacking and mapping parties in New York University in the third day. The event was also holding social activities every day after the main event, where participants could hang out in many interesting places in New York City.



Participant registration (source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/openstreetmapus)

The opening of SotM US 2015 was started by Alyssa Wright, president of OpenStreetMap US. For the first time, participants from various countries assembled and met. The event then continued with talk show and discussion in three different rooms, where every room could choose their own topics. There are 10 presentations in each room and participants could choose the topic or even change rooms. The topics content were related in using OpenStreetMap, webGIS technology development, and OpenStreetMap in many countries. On the first day, some of speakers were OSM Foundation, USAID, New York Library, State of the Map, Mapbox, HOT, Telenav, Mapzen, OpenAddress, The Pennsyslvania State University, OpenStreetMap France, and Mapsense. HOT Indonesia were given the opportunity to be presenting the development of activities and projects of OpenStreetMap in Indonesia in ‘State of the Map’ session.

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Opening ceremony and HOT Indonesia’s presentation (source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/openstreetmapus)



Booths exhibition


This conference also had many booths from Mapzen, Telenav, OpenStreetMap US, Esri, Digital Globe, Amazone, Mapillary and Hdx. In those booths, participants could get detailed information about technology development which was presented in previous conference.


Booths and Birds of a feather (source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/openstreetmapus)






SotM US was also providing room to discuss many topic that were submitted by participants, in a session called ‘Birds of Feather’. This session was held into three rooms in the same time as presentation session. The participants’ capacity of each room was arranged in smaller number so that participants could have deep discussion. Every discussion group was given 26 different topic that could be chosen in 30 minutes/session duration.



On the second day, there were many other new speakers such as, Cape Code Commission, Foursquare, Stamen Design, Factual, American Red Cross, OpenHistorical Maps, Strava, Development Seed, UN OCHA, Mapillary, Esri, and GeoBadges. The topics that are discussed could be seen more here at SotM Program.


Closing ceremony (source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/openstreetmapus)

On the third day, the conference was filled with workshops that could be chosen by particpants. Those workshops are; (1) OpenStreetMap Workshops, where you could learn more about using OpenStreetMap, (2) software and documentation making to renew OpenStreetMap, (3) Maptime summit, (4) TeachOSM workshop, (5) Map New York City, a field survey with NYC Parks and Microsoft NY to map trees in New York City, and (6) Missing Maps, a mapping activities with OpenStreetMap in high flood disaster risk in Dares Salaam using Tasking Manager. The location with high priorities to map was centered in Keko, and the output of this Missing Maps were almost 100%.


Third day workshops (source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/openstreetmapus)

There are a lot of knowledge and experiences to obtain in State of the Map US 2015. Moreover, big numbers of the participants enabled to meet new people every day, share each experience, and discuss about map projects in each countries. This event was also motivating participants to use OpenStreetMap and develop it in mapping technology with Open Source based.


Group photos of all the participants and scholarship recipients.

Dewi Sulistioningrum
Dewi Sulistioningrum
I graduated from Geography Department at the University of Indonesia. I like mapping, travelling and watching movies. I am very eager to join as Trainer of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia.

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